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We work with the management teams of universities, scientific organisations and corporations, specialising in project management, innovation management, entrepreneurship development, marketing and positioning. We apply training and consulting formats, transfer practical knowledge and change the thinking of managers, thereby leading the organisation to the result faster and cheaper
Main Areas of Work
Products are adapted for universities, corporations and other institutions, for specific tasks of customers.

Implementation of Project Management System

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We are building a corporate project management system consisting of:
1. Staff training;
2. Implementation of the regulatory framework - Regulations of interaction and motivational components;
3. Development of an information system for project management.

Duration is from 8 months to 1.5 years.

Setting up a technology transfer system from a university

The system allows you to promote university technology and increase the financial flow from the sale of intellectual property.
- An independently working system with a trained team inside the university.
- Tools for working with intellectual property, sales of licenses, venture capital funds, business assets of the organization.
- Additionally attracted money from funds and development institutions for research and development, at least 100 million rubles a year.
- Increase in the financial flows to the university (up to 100 million per year after 5 years of the system)

Duration is from 8 months to 1.5 years.

The development of innovation in the company

We train company employees streamline innovations and make the corporate culture receptive to them.
- How to make a corporate accelerator;
- How to implement knowledge management in the company;
- How to unleash the creative potential of employees.

Duration is 2 days.
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